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Cypress Consulting and Search is dedicated to doing executive search the right way.  I do not have a account, or a account, or even a account.
Each and every search I undertake is worked the way a search should be worked…the old-fashioned way…thoroughly…efficiently…expeditiously. I treat candidates with respect and treat clients the way the people who are paying me should be treated.

Here’s How 98% of Search Firms Operate

First of all, how do I know this?  The answer is, I have run firms like this for many, many years.  From 2003-2008, I was with the largest search organization in the world.  The first year I spent traveling all over the country observing how offices operate and advising them on ways to improve.  The last four years was spent managing an office that, while once highly respected, had fallen on hard times and was languishing in the bottom third of all the offices in the organization.  Under my leadership, the office grew and grew until it was in the top 25 of 1100 offices worldwide.
Earlier in my career, I worked for another huge organization, one of the oldest names in the employment business, and I mentored 300 permanent placement and search offices across the country.
Believe me; I know what I am talking about.  I have seen it first hand.

When ordinary search firms undertake to fill a job, they do two things: 

  1. They search their database for someone who fits the job.  The likelihood that they will find someone who is precisely what the client is seeking is not great, but if they find people who are close, they will offer them up as “perfect” and hope to make a quick placement.

  2. Failing that, they will either place an ad on one or more of the job boards or they will search for available candidates among the million or so who have posted their résumés on those job boards.  Now, that’s OK, so long as the client is willing to accept the fact that job board candidates will only yield the best of the unemployed and the “mentally unemployed”…the malcontents, the underachievers, and the passed over. 

They will compile a list of these job board candidates and database dwellers and present them to the client.
The client will select from that list and interview candidates until he finds someone acceptable and hires him.
Then he receives an invoice for 25-35% of the candidate’s first year compensation package.
The total work involved in the actual search for talent is seldom more than a couple of hours.  Many more hours may be spent in candidate preparation, debriefing, arranging interviews, and waiting, but the actual time spent in the most critical part of the process is minimal.

Why do such shoddy work?

Why do they do it that way?  Primarily, it’s because that is the only way they know how to do things.  They may have been taught at one time the right way, but why do it the right way when a shortcut is so easy?  Clients let them do it that way because they do not know of a better alternative.  They just don’t know any better.

Nationally, recruiting firms fill only one of every seven “job orders” they take. 

That’s right, one out of seven.  A small percentage of recruiting firms out there may run a little bit better than that, perhaps filling one out of five searches, but whether the office is part of a national brand, a regional operation, or even a “mom and pop”, that’s the average success rate.
Unfortunately, lots of client companies…the companies who need talent and hire recruiters to find it for them…contribute to that lousy success rate by giving “job orders” or “search assignments” to more than one recruiter…sometimes even several recruiters.  This guarantees that no one is going to give the search the attention it deserves and contributes to that one-in-seven success rate.
Hiring companies also contribute to a low success rate by treating recruiters like “vendors” (which many of them deserve, by the way) and inflicting upon them unnecessary and unproductive hiring processes.
I will not work with companies like that.  Life’s too short.

So, how is Cypress Consulting and Search different?

After over 25 years in the executive search industry, I have seen all sorts of operations, and I have decided that I will operate my company the best way I know how regardless of how much work it takes.  No one places restrictions on me about whom I work with or the terms I work under.  I make all those decisions, and I have arrived at some conclusions that I believe will prove best for all of us.

  1. I will only work with terrific client companies.  One could argue that anyone who is willing to pay a fee for services is terrific, but my definition is a little more expansive.  For instance, I will only work with hiring authorities who are willing to invest some time up front to answer all my questions about the open position and the company itself.

  2. I will never undertake more than three searches at one time.

  3. I will never advertise on a job board.

  4. I will only work with clients who are relying on me to get the job done and have not farmed the assignment out to other recruiters.  It’s a question of trust.

  5. Having as much experience as I do, I have placed just about every profession there is.  Therefore, I do not specialize in any particular arena.  If it interests me and the client and I like each other, I will be happy to undertake the search.

  6. I do not have an arbitrary fee schedule.  I work on a retained or contingency basis, or perhaps a melding of the two.  My clients and I discuss each search and arrive at a fair price.  How does anyone know how much to charge until he knows what the job is and how much work will be involved?

  7. I will be the one doing the work.   Unlike most larger search firms, I do not have a contract with some company in India to do my research.  (In this case, “research” is defined as using keywords to comb though the database to find candidates.)  The folks in India will do it for a few dollars per hour, but you get what you pay for.  All of the work involving the sourcing, identification, and evaluation of candidates will be mine.

  8. Because I do not have a specific area of specialization, I cannot be a “career counselor” to candidates.  If I reach out to you with an opportunity, you should certainly listen.  Hopefully that opportunity will work out.  If it does not, I will still keep you in mind for other positions in the future.  However, it will not become my job to find you one.

All other details we can discuss. 
You will find me very easy to work with and I look forward to talking with you
Whether you are a prospective client or a prospective candidate, please feel free to call me at 903-269-3884

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Kevin Jones CPC, CTS is an executive search professional.  He has, during the past quarter century, served as a practitioner, manager, industry executive, and mentor to and with several of the most successful companies in the industry.

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